Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Xmas parties @STS

Christmas. The best time of the year. And christmas parties. Ask any Thomasite, and she will swear. The Xmas party day, used to be the best day of the year. 

The venue of the dhol tamasha, DJ and dancing (its bigger than what it looks in the picture)

The Xmas party was an annual event. It was held a day after the christmas play. Class decorations, informal dresses were allowed, non stop music in the class and in the big quadrangle, Dhol, a Delhi must (a double headed drum) and food. That day STS was not a school. I am not sure when did this all start. But God bless the soul. Sheer fun. It started from shopping for dresses. Everyone had to look the best. It was like a fashion parade for the senior school. Of a different kind. No ramp, no careful walk. Just self controlled rampage. Teachers not far behind, enjoyed it all as well. For junior school, it was more like a competition of class decoration, which was done a day before. Our classroom had to look the best. 

When I was in Class 10, a distasteful incident within the school, led to a stern decision by my then pricipal, Mrs Manoharan. The informal dressing was banned. Since then, the parties were in school uniforms. It did dampen the spirit, for a while. but nothing could stop the "Indian style" christmas party!! 

Much love to my alma mater!! 

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  1. this sounds so awesome. We never had these parties in my school


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