Tuesday, December 14, 2010

banaras ki galiyon mein

ढूंढती हूँ मैं कुछ यहाँ, कुछ वहां
कभी अलमारी में देखा, कभी छज्जे पे
तिन के डब्बों में भी  देखा झाँक कर
याद आता है कहीं रखा था संजो के

क्या बताऊँ सहेली, खुद को भूल गई हूँ,
कहीं छोड़ आई हूँ. किसी किनार
किसी घाट पे, किसी मंदिर में,
किसी नैय्या में मैं थी सवार

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Because you are not around...

Sun gleams, raindrops form a stream,
Sure the Vibgyor should be seen;
Colors are obscure, the bow not found
Because my sunshine, you are not around!!

Winds rustles green of the pine,
Clouds hover, the weather is just fine;
But I don't feel the breeze ruffle my hair,
Because my darling, you are not there!!

The Koel sings a lovely song,
All around me are humming along;
Music creates a magical glee
But I am quiet because you're not with me!!

Come tomorrow I will dance in the rain,
Will feel the droplets in my mane;
The sun will shine so very bright
To let the Vibgyor show alright!!
The world will sing again with me,
Because my love, you will be with me!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Memories of color

I am missing Delhi, the colors, the sweets, the holika, the evenings we used to have at home, in new clothes, have to be white, and finally become colorful by the dry colors we UP n Bihar people play, the titles we used to give to our family members, the malpuas, the gujias, the matar paneer mom used to make, the guests, the songs, the dances, the pan session....

I remember and miss the way we used to play holi with silver paint and dirt and filth..and drive to far off places at friends home and pull them out of their homes to play holi...(read Remya)
I do remember Mudits first holi at my home, he was bewildered......the way he was completely colored in the morning, and after a longggggg session of cleaning in the afternoon and getting ready in a new lucknowi set for the evening, the way we played holi with dry but pukka colors in the evening made his brand new set along with him completely colored..

Coming to Nielsen, I still remember, the first holi I had seen was just maybe a week after my joining, I didnt play, I remember, but from the next time I started playing. I miss the way I used to pull my colleagues all out of their cubicles and CMG boss from the cabin...I remember the way we used to color not only ourselves but the whole cafeteria, the walls and floors and Ashima had a hard time to get it clean...but I remember she used to be the one playing the maximum..I remember how Saikat da, Sumit da, Gunjan Sir, Sankalp Sir...Sumit Maji da, Rajib da, CRS team, Retail team, Shubho da, Dipesh, Mukund, CVS Sir, Ashish, Pramod, and all others used to get colored and never bothered to rub it of, after all it was Holi @ Nielsen!!! Nielsen @ no other country celebrates any festival this way!!!!...I remember how we used to gorge on sweets and kachoris from Bikanerwala/ Haldirams and dip in the common bowl of chutney...I remember a handful of girls and guyz (one of them being me) turning the office into a college canteen and have maximum fun...(I miss Sampath too...)..I miss a few people who used to sing and Anju who used to dance too.
God, bless me with similar days...and of course Vihaan, who doesn't know the meaning of Holi, the festival which is so close to his parents heart...the festival of colors, the festival of India!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I smile with the rain!!

I can see the rain from the windows of my office. Its pouring in Delhi and I love it.
It was way back in 1999. Remya (my best friend), and I were shopping in Delhi. We went to Nalli Silks to buy a saree for aunty (Remya’z mom) for her birthday. While coming back, from the window sill of the bus, we saw dark clouds hovering over the sky. It seemed as if god says, here i come…
and then he came..pouring down on both of us as soon as we stepped down off the bus. and we were drenched and rushing to my house which was good 3/4th kilometer away..
That was the rain i enjoyed…
not that i have stopped getting wet in the rain. Latest was in May this year, when it rained in Delhi and we were at home. It was a Sunday and my sis in law was around so no naughtiness was allowed. But as it started raining i opened the bedroom door which led to the backyard and there i was, hah…
rains have always brought happiness to me!!!


Last week, I asked my bro
What kinda hobby he holds
The usual rattling of a list began
Reading, writing, singing and rest of the clan…
Disheartened, I smiled in vain
And took him for a walk down the lane
And then the small story unrolled
Past the years, my mind unfurled….
He asked me then the question reverse
And expected an answer as diverse
After a moment’s thought, I told mine
“Hey bro, what is a hobby, please define!!”
Lost in thoughts he again looked at me
Criss crosses on his face, I could see
I told him hobby is a singular phrase
You cannot have more than one craze
One thing you like to do the best
This comes to you naturally above the rest
What you pursue not only in leisure time
But for what you dig out parts of life line!!!
Hey Nielsen, we all know,
We are loosing life as the seconds go,
So every night when you lay down on bed
Count your moments fruitfully spend
Make it a point to run the counter everyday
And make sure it increases day by day
Hobby will help get the feat
Pursue your dreams and get the heat….
My hobby is writing poetry
Though still ripe and unpolished
From today on I will pursue my dream
Writing poetry every week and gleam….

Proud to be a woman!!

When God created my beautiful eyes..
He gave me a heart to soothe your cries..
When God created my lovely smiles..
He gave me strength to walk for miles..
When God created my soul and mind..
He created my sense, powerful yet kind..
When God created me as a whole..
He created my body but put in his soul..

The flowing Yamuna

When it comes to rivers, India is blessed. Most of us who have spent quiet a few years of our lives in India, must have seen one or the other river, rapidly flowing downstream. The sight can onle be seen, not explained in words.
But for many Delhites, this may be a dream. Either they holiday to c a river, or thay see it on the internet. But do not underestimate please!! Today for Delhi’s day. To see the Yamuna.. flowing!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it was a overcast sky. And a lot of hydrillas on the river, stagnant evrsince, have started flowing with the water stream. The river, quiet as it is, was flowing, with full vigor. And a horde of onlookers stopped thier vehicles to have a glimse of the beautiful river. These were the men who pass the river daily, morning as well as evening, but have never been moved enough to even cast a glance at the dying river. The revier nearing the status of a drain showed its true beauty today.
How marvelous it would be if we have the Yamuna flowing everyday…


It’s just a matter of learning…
When the wind blows against your will.
And you wish to climb uphill,
You spirally move, and your way is found.
It’s just a matter of learning…
When you cry and the tears don’t stop,
The vision is blurred through the teardrop
To smile, you try and wipe them off.
It’s just a matter of learning…
When my mom asks me to have food,
I shout on her, “I am not in a mood”
And finally I cry, when I see her die.
It’s just a matter of learning…
When I love you with all my heart.
I make you my life’s part,
You don’t say a word and depart


My friend, don’t go, don’t leave me alone
From buds to flowers we have grown,
We’ve seen the sun rise together
All of me, you have known.
It took us time to know each other
But soon there was a pleasant weather,
We watched the rains cross the Ganga
With love in hearts, sitting together.
You chased your dream running with me
A bright future we both see,
Our paths diverged, though common goals
Part of your present, let me be.
Anger, pain, agony we share
In happiness and joy we do pair,
Then why the distance comes in between
Silent prayer; god, this is not fair.
Summer, winter, spring and rain
Sweating in the sun, jumping the drain,
Bearing the cold, the winds chill
Facing life, smiling in pain.
Why my friend, you don’t miss me?
We used to sing sitting under a tree,
You promised we will always be mates
Come back, I need you, I pray on my knee.
And so the city beckons her mate
Nothing can she do except wait,
You know my friend, I have left my soul
My mind searching the soulful goal.


Flying high in the deep blue sky
I see the ball shining gold,
The clouds there passing by
To see the story, yet untold.
My flock and I in the cumulus high
With young and lofty dreams in heart,
Sometimes I take a deep sigh
I look around and move apart.
The green leaf is waiting for me
With droplets of rain on his palm,
I perch and look around to see
He wets my throat, makes me calm.
I close my eyes and open my wings
Will fly away, is what I thought,
Just then the leaf flutters, falls to rest
I pick him up and make my nest…


It’s like a lifetime with many moments to gather
Still like a few seconds, u have been together
Like leaves and flowers, and roses with pricks
Smile and laughter and passion does the tricks..
With love in heart, and love in mind,
Craft the bond; strong though kind!!!


रंग समझने में गलती न करना 

काले को हमेशा कला न समझना चमकती 

लकीरों में सब रंग मिलेंगे 

सूरज की गर्मी में तपके  पकेंगे 

तभी ख़ुशी हमारे घर आएगी 

होली ढेरों  रंग ल छा  जाएगी  

Stockholm Friends…

Leaving behind my birthplace was tough
Digressing from the path we had build till now;
We knew every how its going to be rough
Its His will to which we have to bow..
Days and months and years will roll
You and me standing amidst the hail;
The cold and wind and work will take toll
Its our choice to smile or wail…
My child, my barn will need shelter here
My spouse will need love and care;
My home, I have left it across oceans there
I am lying all alone and bare…
And then I recall, my mom once told
God’s Angels live all around you;
I get up again firm and bold
And finally my friend I find you….


Thanks is the only word we can say
For we are really delighted today
Friends are whom we value the most
You all came and made our day yesterday!!
We both were all alone when we came to this town
You all never let us feel down
We do miss our homes back in our country still
But never did you all let us frown!!
We have made this place our home now
With a family full of you all, do allow
We wish to celebrate our moments of joy
Always we will seek the company of thou!!

happy anniversary to soma and shameek..

Celebrations galore for togetherness,
Full of fun and happiness,
Sharing lives, living dreams,
Shameek is happy, Soma gleams…
And then they decide to throw a bash,
“Donate” time for jamboree, spend some cash,
And there went the invite mailer
All guests were ready for a …ummm…thriller???
And then came yesterday, the day of jollity…
To set aside sham and delight in reality
To begin with the hookah and much more..
With joie de vivre we got in the door…
Sounds, lights, camera and action
Glad to see the merrily high faction
The thumkas and jhatkas were dama dam mast
The couples had fun with each “thrust”..;-)
The kids enjoyed every bit
The food was scrumptious, prepared with grit…
With Masakali matakali with Beedi Jalaele…
Soma and Shammek ek dusre ke ho gaele…


December cold and recession blues,
Terror everywhere and anger too,
Bad health and arguments within you,
Defeat around you, life is a coo.
Amongst all, comes the New Year cheer,
Should we not wake up and see everything clear,
Should we not hold hands and shun all fear,
Should we not smile and shed the last tear.
With a thought in my mind I pen this line,
And wish that all our lives become fine,
I know this is your mind as well as mine,
I pray your New Year and future shines!!

The sea, within me, and he…

Its blue, its clear, the sky above me
Its soft, its dry, the sand under my feet,
I am walking for long, but cant really see
Conch shells, crabs, boats do greet..
They told me you’re rough and loud
Like my man whose come close to me,
With something away from the crowd
Ambitious, shy, fervent is he..
I walk past the naked kid
And barely clad rugged fisher man,
Fishing, eating nothing more they did
I moved towards the tot, there he ran…
My eyes followed the running boy
And as I lifted sense to see,
My heart full with ecstasy and joy
There was no one amid you and me..
You’re vast, expansive jagged but calm
Endlessly wide, earth deep,
I bend to take you on my palm
And you towered, you were not asleep..
I stood beside you, on the wet sand
My feet slowly sinking in,
Quixotic me how to leave you your land
Wish to punish me for some sin..
There I m standing alone with you
With arms spread as a bird flies,
I feel the breeze and droplets few
Searching him my mind plies..

Across the land, far from me
With dreams in heart, miles apart are we,
Laughter and love I foresee
The sea within me, and there stands he..