Saturday, April 26, 2014

The green checkered skirts - STS uniform

In India, uniforms are mandatory in school. All students follow a uniform dress code till high school (Year 12/ Class 12). Each school has its own uniform dress. Every morning, I wore my dress with pride, almost like an army soldier, ready to collect the Paramvir Chakra (as my senior Seema Saluja used to say).

We had seperate set of uniforms for summers and winters. The summer dress was light green divided skirt, white shirt, with school motto on its pocket, white socks and brown leather shoes. Nursery till Class 5 used to wear a green tunic instead of a skirt. Due to this, there was extreme excitement to reach class 6. Seniors in divided skirts. What an achievement it was. 

A couple of students accepting RGICS Debate trophy from Mrs Sonia Gandhi

The winter uniform was a little different, a little unique. Scottish green skirts, rust coats, green socks, and brown shoes. 

School Choir singing the school song

I have a set of both resting in my almirah at my mum's. The brown shoes have been replaced by black shoes in the STS uniform now. The mochi uncle (school cobbler) probably left the job (god bless his noble and old soul). 

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