Thursday, April 17, 2014

Orange and black bars

There was a life in school, and then there was a life in the orange and black bar, that's the STS school bus. The 90s kids will probably recall that the school buses used to identify with the school in  their typical colors matching the school's uniform colors. So Springdales had grey and maroon striped buses, and St Thomas' had orange bus with black bars/ stripes. In the mid 90s, the government instructed the schools to have a all buses painted yellow, with black stripes. Trust me, it took us a few months to adjust in the tiger skinned buses. After all, they were not our STS bus. Damn the rules!!  

STS buses. The black bars are replaced by green, following CNG rules. :) 

School bus tales are more of fun. Infact a lot more fun. 
The junior school closed down 15 minutes before the senior school. All the buses carried kids from junior school to the senior school, and then head on their routes. The following song was sung on high pitched voices, while travelling from junior school to senior school, everyday. And you know where the emphasis was.. ....ere...ere....ere....ere.... IN ZAIRE!!!! 

Once there was a battle there
In Zaire In Zaire
Hundred Thousand people there
In Zaire In Zaire
To see the rumble in the jungle
In Zaire!!! 

Aage Kuchh nahi aata hai (I don't know further)
In Zaire In Zaire
Sachmuch kuchh nahi aata hai (Trust me, I don't know further)
In Zaire In Zaire
To see the rumble in the jungle
In Zaire!!

The memories of those long journey's from home to school, and then back, stay with me till date. Every morning was a mix of yawns and excitements, last minute test study, and  every evening was a mix of hullabaloo and sleep. 

The day I adorned the prestigious Cabinet badge, when I was in 10th, he bus conductor, Ram bhaiya (I forget his name now - Ramprem, Rampyare... So sorry, my memory :( ), told me, "babyji, ab hum bhi red lights pe darwaza khol ke side mein khade ho jaenge, minister sahab ja rahe hain hamari bus mein". (I will get down at the red lights and stand by the bus sides, after all a minister is going in the bus). God bless him, wherever he is now. 

Much Love STS!! 

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Photographs courtesy: Seniors, super seniors, super duper seniors, loving juniors, and the school website:

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