Monday, April 21, 2014

Roses and Ramifications..

The ground where the new auditorium (not so new, it was built in 1996, for the school's diamond jubilee), was home to dozens of roses. There was a cobbled path which led upto the old stage, STS's landmark from the Gandhian era. On the left was the open air court. On the right was a well manicured lawn. An old banyan tree proved the "old era" theory. The lawn was lined by roses of varied colors. The mali bhaiya (gardener) used to spent a good time on the rose beds, and the lush green grass. That lawn was not to tread on everyday. It was decorated on annual days, and various other similar events.

From this blooming garden, STS ramified. From the great Kathak legend, Uma Sharma, to Femina Miss India 2014, Koyal Rana, from author Nitasha Kaul, to author Anupama Mohan and Delhi University College principal, Dr S. Lakshmi Devi :STS is making the alma mater proud. 

Leaving you with some wonderful words of my senior, as well as my college principal (perfect coincidence), Dr S. Lakshmi Devi. 

This post is dedicated to the A-to-Z blogging challenge - the largest Blog Challenge in the history of Blogkind. My selected theme is "memories of St. Thomas' "- my Alma mater. This is the eighteenth post of the challenge, and is linked to the letter R: R for Roses and Ramifications.. 
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