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Canvas of Dreams - A book review

Canvas Of Dreams
Jaya Siva Murty

My Review

Protagonist Riya, a connoisseur of art, is an emotional yet strong woman, who builds a career in art, out of her hobby and interest. Through a series of crests and falls in her life, she makes a life for herself, independent and creates her own identity.

The story begins with Riya’s professional trip to Singapore, where she plans to take it easy and spare some moments for herself. Call it destiny, Riya’s childhood love, Ryan, the banker boy, re-enters her life in a dramatic fashion, throwing her back in yesteryears. Despite Riya’s reluctance, they meet, greet and dine, and spend some time together. The rosy picture as it may seem, had a few dark shades. Reality strikes her when Riya gets to see Sia’s pictures at Ryan’s apartment; not so unusual considering Sia is Ryan’s wife. But Sia was the sole reason of Ryan and Riya’s separation. Riya develops hate feelings for Ryan.

The dreams still haunt her...

Riya comes back to Mumbai, to once again face the unpleasant past with her obnoxious and suspicious husband, Siddharth.  He dies an untimely death by falling off a staircase after an altercation with Riya,for which she blames herself, and is undergoing therapy for the same. The spiral staircase forms the background of her dreams.

The dreams still haunt her…

Trying to divert her attention from Ryan, Riya decides live her childhood dream, and plans to convert Siddharth’s ancestral home into an art gallery. She gets support from Shweta, Riya’s college friend, philosopher and guide, who is a level headed professional with a compassionate side. The art and design support comes from Rehaan, the artist with a broken heart. After initial debacles, Riya and Rehaan strike a friendship, and in no time try to find love within each other.
Nightmares lessen a bit, the dreams still haunt her, but in a slightly different format..

“But life is seldom smooth sailing,
And relationships are often disrupted as soon as they start gelling..”

In no time Riya realizes something amiss. Rehaan’s officious effects and inhibiting ways become a hurdle. She wants to paint her canvas of dreams instead of living for someone else’s aspirations. The outcome of her will power is a very successful art exhibition “Women’s weekend” with artists from all over the world pouring over to the opening ceremony of the “Siddh art gallery”. And there the hero re-enters. Ryan graces the occasion, with Sia. Wounds resurface. Riya’s hatred increases.

The intensified dreams still haunt her.

Ryan had moved back to Mumbai, and the proximity within the city lets Riya and Ryan meet again. They realize that the childhood love which emblazed within them had never died. Circumstances and harsh realities, accompanied by physical distance and miscommunication played games separating the lovers.

But there comes a dramatic turn. Will Riya chose one of the men, Rehaan or  Ryan? Will the haunted nightmares give way to the colorful canvas of dreams which the young Riya wants top paint. Will there be a priceless picture ever? A picture close to her heart?
“Hate is just a stronger form of love..” – Shweta, Riya’s Friend

The novella, by debutant author Jaya, is a delightful romantic read, where the reader can identify with the characters. The author has justified every character in the book. Riya and Rehaan’s character development deserve a special mention. The language is free flowing and simple. The storyline is crisp. Even though it visits the past, the story doesn’t stray. There is some amount of drama involved, which could be attributed to the romantic beat of the story. This book can be effortlessly turned  in to a superhit motion picture. 
I could not keep it down, and read it at one go. I recommend the book, and give it 4 stars.

Meet the Author

Jaya Siva Murty is a business writer and social media manager from Visakhapatnam, India. Fascinated with the written word since the age of ten, she would file away her poems and short stories in a secret diary, till some were finally published by ‘Times of India’ and ‘Savvy’. She has written for the Economic Times and now provides India-relevant stories for a Hong Kong based magazine. When she’s not designing content for websites, or writing technical blogs and articles for clients worldwide, she spins yarns with unusual twists and turns through her works of fiction.

Jaya holds a business management degree and has taken creativity lessons at Stanford University. ‘Canvas of Dreams’ is her debut foray into novella writing.

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1000 Voices Speak for Compassion

The world stands in need of liberation my Lord,
It still has to feel your power!

We used to sing this prayer in the morning assemblies. These lines remain engraved and evergreen.They cross my mind almost everyday morning, when i open the crisp newspaper. These words form a part if my silent morning prayer. A prayer for kindness, a prayer for love, a prayer for compassion, a prayer for peace.

The recent gory, inhumane, Unbelievable, horrific incidents have evoked anxiety and rage in the society. Pakistan school children massacre, Australia cafe shootings, Charlie Hebdo brutal murders, bombings in Bangalore, uncountable bombings and killing in Syria and Iraq - The list is endless. To top it up, it's all in the name of God/ Allah/ Bhagwan/ Waheguru.
O My holy father, do not cry, for they are ignorant. They don't know what they do. They are trying to please you.

1000 Voices - The initiative

On February 20, 2015 one thousand bloggers from all over the world will be sharing their views and thoughts about compassion, kindness, love and peace. you can participate and be a part of this initiative. Click on this link - 1000Speak and send in a request to join. 

  • To read us, use the hashtag #1000Voices on Facebook and Twitter.
  • you can visit the Facebook page at 1000 Voice Speak for Compassion
  • Please visit Yvonee Spence's blog to read about how and why this revolution started. This initiative is her baby. 

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Cover Reveal: Hidden Passion by Summerita Rhayne

Cover Reveal

Hidden Passion 
…when the walls of monarchical politics rise high between them, will her passion prevail?

Summerita Rhayne

A letter from the Author  

Hello friends! 

I'm very excited to share the cover of my new book which is a historical romance. Hidden Passion is the story of Princess Rukmani and King Deveshwarya, set in the early medieval India. I've always been fascinated by that period of the brave and wise maharajas and beautiful and courageous rajkumaris whose tales I read growing up in Chandamama and Amar Chitra Katha...I wonder how many can relate to those names *smile* But whether you can or not, I feel, no one can remain untouched by the romance and richness of that period. There’s a drama and intrigue in history that simply calls out to imagination. I’ve always wanted to write a historical and the idea for this book came to me in form an image: A princess seeking the sanctuary of a Maharaja whom she thinks she can depend on but that Maharaja being unwilling to help her. I had to think why he wouldn’t and why she had to run to him and slowly the characters took shape: Rukmani, a princess of the Kamboj clan who has been pampered by her family but now is suddenly without support and Deveshwaraya, a Samrat who was not born to a throne but comes to rule by following his convictions.

I had a lot of fun delving into history while charting out the setting and the events of this novella. As my characters were not blind followers of tradition, I was able to let my imagination loose a lot. But I also made use of the customs prevalent in the period in the story. For instance, in those times, the princesses could choose their own husbands by the ritual of swayamvara yet the outcome of these was often tied up with many political consequences. Rukmani also finds such a situation hindering her path to love. Even princesses had to struggle sometimes to get their heart's desire. So even for them life wasn't easy! 
This is my first historical getting published, so it’s a huge moment for me. Hope you all love the cover!

What the Book is all About ....

Rukmani, the youngest of her family, has always had her way and she thinks she would too when the question of her marriage arises. But when she expresses her wishes, her world comes crumbling down because she has fallen for the wrong man. Who can she run to but the strongest ruler of the region, Deveshwaraya?

Devesh finds himself torn between duty and desire. He is drawn to her yet being with her jeopardizes everything he has worked for.…when the walls of monarchical politics rise high between them, will her passion prevail?

Are you ready 

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