Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Victories, virtues and virginity


Board Results, debates, admads, quiz, modelling competitions, dramatics, dance, street plays, basketball, athletics, kho-kho (yes, trust me) - STS participated in all sorts of competitions, and won many, not all. Victories were celebrated with vigour. Defeats were taken in stride. I don't recall any nagging n ragging of girls who lost the competitions. Participating amongst India's top students is enough to earn respect, isn't it?

School's board results are always good. Students stand amongst top CBSE scorers.
But this post is not about singing laurels of STS. That's not the only objective. My memories attached with them is what I want you all to know.

In the fall, STS holds a week long celebration. My memory says it's known as book week. Each day is celebrated as a subject day. So we had English day, Hindi day, Mathematics day, Science day and Social science day. Each day full of activities related to the subject. Quiz, debates, street plays, skits  and various other competitions. Learning Shaw, Premchand, Einstein and Algebra, all in a week, was memorable and cherished. So many students from all different schools participated in the events. How can I forget to mention, those were times when we used to have boys in our school, for a refreshing change. Wins and losses, all were celebrated. The much awaited STS book week was a success every year.

I recall attending a 2 day science fest at St. Columba's. Our school won the quiz and the science modelling competition. Some cold drink company was the sponsor, therefore the first phase of the quiz was - drinking a cola as soon as possible. Fastest was the winner of that round. Yes, we did win. :) Dear friend, Prarthana Dhameja, did it for us. The liberalization phase had gripped the economy by then. So had the Cola war. 
Along with ours, we used to cheer and celebrate for other schools as well. The school needs to be our favorites. A lot of "yay yay Modern!!" was heard on the basketball courts. Fun times!! 


Quite recently, my cousin brother, who has completed his year 10 (Class 10) from a extremely renowned public school in Delhi, moved to St Columba's in Delhi. He noticed a lot of difference in both the schools. I jot down a couple of them: 
1. When the teacher is taking a lesson, the students remains calm and quiet. 
2. All Students get back to their classes after lunch. 
3. Teachers are given full respect. There is no leg pulling or sorts. 
4. Football is played only during the games periods. Students do not bunk the classes to play football in the school field. 
5. No one uses foul language in school, even though  they are aware of the vocabulary. 

I am not sure how much is true. But what I am sure of is that my brother will be a better human being once he graduates from Columba's. Most of the convent schools focus on virtues. 

At the school, we learnt the seven virtues for life - Chastity, Abstinence, Liberality, Diligence, Patience, Kindness and Humility. When you meet a Thomasite, you will get the feel of all seven, almost in similar proportions. I pray to God to help me achieve the same. I may not have learnt it all as yet. 


Well, well, well. All my feminism comes from STS. I am grateful to thee. 
It was a girls school. No boys. And trust me, amongst Danielle Steel, Sydney Sheldon and Nicholas Sparks, we all were strong feminists. Strong headed females. We didn't care who will loose "it" and when.  Being a virgin or not; having a boyfriend or not, having a valentine date or not - were the NOT HOT topics. We were a world of our own - virgin or non virgin. 

And that is how I still am. Mother, wife, sister, friend, daughter - but above all, I am important for myself. I love and respect myself, as a woman. 

This post is dedicated to the A-to-Z blogging challenge - the largest Blog Challenge in the history of Blogkind. My selected theme is "memories of St. Thomas' "- my Alma mater. This is the twenty second  post of the challenge, and is linked to the letter V: Victories, Virtues and Virginity. 

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  1. This was a great post. I drew something today for tomorrow, and included was the word patience. I try to be patient and it is not my strongest point, so I wanted to remember to think about it every day. Kindness is VERY important to me.
    I had mixed feelings about attending an all girl's school, but, as I may have mentioned before, we got to have the chance to be heard in a way that we would not have, if we had been in a school... lost among a group of teenage boys. We had the chance to excel and not be afraid of what the boys were thinking of us. It was very good to have the freedom we had! :) jean

    1. I agree with your words Jean. the fact that we were let to be identities during school days was enough to carve us as independent human beings. High time the woman live in the shadow of men!! Equality will win, soon.

  2. Loved the last line! respecting yourself as a woman! That goes a long way!

    1. Thanks Danny. Indeed, as Indian woman, we are the ones who can gain back the lost respect (talking in a generalized fashion).

  3. I haven't been able to visit your blog for last several days...hope to catch up on the missed posts soon. Good to read here that your school focused on these values.

    1. Thank you Beloo!! You have been a wonderful and appreciative reader. I will be visiting your blog very soon. Watch out for my comments.


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