Saturday, April 26, 2014

Teachers - always in my thoughts

Guru govind dou khade kake lagu pau
Balihari guru aapne govind diyo batae

~ Sant Kabir

Kabir couldn't be more correct. If it wasn't your teacher, you would be a mere living being - without knowledge or virtue. I am indebted to my teachers, who have made me what I am - as a person, as a human, as a professional, as a student, as a daughter, as a wife, as a mother, as an Indian.I was three years old when I started my schooling. I have a few memories engraved, distinct ones, which I will share here.

Padma Sri Mrs Joy Michael was my first principal. She was the one who interviewed me. After recognizing the "blue" coloured small ball in a box of colorful boxes, I was handed over a toffee. Mum says I loved Mrs.Michael's chair and kept swinging on it. She smiled, and made me sit in the book corner while she discussed some parent teacher stuff with my mom. When Mrs Michael left school, there was a vacuum. Mrs Cynthia Manoharan, the next principal, could be one of the most awesome principals. I have been really blessed, I know!! :) 

My English teacher's have been incredible. And so are a few anecdotes. 

Mrs Seema Narayan (Ma'am, Love you!!), used to be my English teacher in middle school. Epitome of knowledge plus style.
 "You come here and wash your hair".. I never forget how different is the pronunciation of "here" and "hair". 
"Can I come in ma'am?"... Seema ma'am says - "You can, but you may not".. and the use of "may" and "can" is perfectly clear to me till date.
Seema ma'am was, and still is very young at heart. I recall spending one full lunch break teaching her, and other teachers how to play "CONCENTRATION".. ConCenTraTion, ConCenTraTion are you ready, ConCenTraTion let'sbegin.. Memories, cherishable. 

Mrs Rowena Gideon (I adore you ma'am), is the sweetest teacher I have come across in my whole life. She was my English teacher in high school. She says - if you think in a language, you master it. When my son thinks in Svenska, I realize how much he loves Swedish language. On many days, while teaching us, she made me realize what dedication is. 

Let's talk a little about Maths. 

Mrs Shringi (respect!!!) was my teacher in Class 11 and Class 12. I would have never sailed through Calculus and Trigonometry without her. She used to say - "I would love to see my students excel, be more knowledgeable than me. My profession is such. If you know more than me, it will be my win".. Well, these words were polite sarcasm when we didn't pay attention during her classes. 

Mrs Simmi Bhatia taught me Maths from class 7 till 10. I never needed any home tuition, all these years. She encouraged me in a unique way, by challenging me, being a strict, very strict marker, atleast on my answer sheets. I recall a lunch hour one day, in Grade 9, when ma'am called me - "Arpita, you are being notorious, mind your behaviour". Yes, I was drifting away from my studious self, getting into all sorts of stuff which were totally unrelated to studies. The first thing I did when I came back to class, was check the dictionary, check the meaning of "notorious". Like a sting, I still feel the pain. I did mend my ways. Ma'am will vouch for me. :) 

Not that I don't have memories of Science, Hindi and Social Studies teachers. I have lots of them. And I may wrote 15 more posts on you all awesome ladies. I may do so, some day. Inshallah!! 

Showcasing poet, author and avid blogger, and my idol in the blogging world - Janaki Nagaraj. He blog is a must visit. Just a click away, she blogs at Memoirs of a Homemamker.  

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  1. And anyone can be your teacher apart from the regular school teachers who impart education. Your mother and father are also your teachers. True...without them we would be valueless.

  2. Needless to add ,your posts make all your readers nostalgic about school life !

  3. I have loved all my english teachers. They often have magnetic personality :) just love them. Yet another beautiful post


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