Saturday, April 5, 2014

Disclaimer - Memory Loss

So, I am pleased that so many of you are reading my posts, my thoughts about my alma mater. It makes me really very happy, that St Thomas' teachers and all my school mates are reading it regularly as well. :) What else does a blogger want? 

Unfortunately, inspite of my research before writing every post, there are some of my memories, which are not 100% foolproof.  Two the errors in the previous post - Dance Drama and Dumbos have been corrected, thanks to my teachers and friends, who prompted me. 
1. The dance drama - "save the forest save the world" was performed when I was in grade 4. The original post had Grade 3. 
2. The name of the Barry John directed play was "Indorella". The original post had "Superella". Superella was a character in the play. My teacher, Mrs Simmi Bhatia, and two of my friends - Vandana Puri and Dipti Malhotra, have been kind enough to point it out. Thank you. :) 

Well, the crepe bandage around my knee, and the lactose intolerance is taking a toll on my memory. Thanks for bearing me. 

**Clapping the STS clap**