Friday, May 16, 2014

Abki baar.. No ullu banaoing!!

16th may 2014 was much awaited. Especially at my home. We recently installed a new dish and now we can watch Indian channels (thanks to my mum's visit). Mudit (the husband) who is extremely interested in property and politics, was super excited. "I will take leave, and watch the results. Will wake up around 6. Hope I won't miss much, it will just be 9.30am in India."Well, he is traveling to Helsinki, meeting a CIO of some client. God has his plans you see! ;) 
So mum and I did track the results. Mum being a journolists wife and another one's sister, is over enthusiastic about the result. The morning showed a clear answer-it was saffron all over. There was no need to wait till the evening, and I tweeted- 

Orange day in shukravaar
Abki baar Modi sarkaar 
Women want no atyachar
No war aar and paar
No ram-Allah-god suvichaar
Development growth barambaar
Abki baar Modi sarkaar..

Time will tell how fruitful was India's 66% voting turnout. India will have eyes on Modi and his cabinet. A lot is expected from them. But what I am sure of, is that / India has finally awakened to freedom. They know what is democracy. I was happy to see my teenage cousins glued to the TV sets since morning, and discussing seats, votes, leaders, winners, parties. 
So finally, no ullu banaoing, coz achhe din aane waale hai, Modi sarkaar banane waale hain. 

Jai Hind