Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Narrow Nooks of STS!!

As the Easter break approach, projects at work are taking on toll, and eating all my blog time (whatever I try  to create juggling between work, family and my gubben).  I had a lot more planned for "N". Some elaborate descriptions of “nightingales” of STS. Alas, I may not do justice, if I try to pen them down now (Trust me I am sitting in a waiting hall of my local dispensary. Nothing serious, but something it is). 

Going through some new and old pictures, my seniors and teachers have shared with me, I came across this. The narrow nook of STS.  

The infamously famous steps, and my lovely super duper seniors posing!! :) 
Thanks for the pictures Rita di

The steep flight of stairs are right next to the vice principal’s office, overseeing the beautifully manicured quadrangle. If you have been to some “bhoolbhulaiya” (labyrinth), you could somehow relate to what the staircase is.

The beautiful quadrangle 

When you step in the “cave”, you don’t see the last step. And when you see the last step it’s a dead-end.  What!! Ok, the door is at the right. Had it not been a school building, the drama could continue more, as it leads to a dark corridor. But then starts the water cooler, and the staff room, and the classrooms.

The steps are old, dingy and dark. Somehow no one trips. Its scary, almost haunted, home for bats, but it’s the most loved narrow nook of STS. 

Love STS!! 

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Photographs courtesy: Seniors, super seniors, super duper seniors, loving juniors, and the school website:

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