Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gandhi, father of nation: Connection with my Alma Mater

I am proud of my alma mater. 

Who isn’t? She made us what we are. 

All schools have something special which is the reason of pride. STS has been special in many ways. Or that is what we Thomasites perceive and strongly believe. Mahatma Gandhi’s connection to our  school is one such underliner. 

Gandhiji (Mohandas Karanchand Gandhi), the father of Indian nation, was a prominent leader and freedom fighter opposing the British rule in India. Following his non violent ways, India regained her lost identity, and attained freedom. 

I learnt a few of life's lessons, where Mahatma walked

One of the many movements of Gandhi, was the campaign against untouchability. He renamed Dalits (untouchables) as Harijans (children of god), and worked towards their rights in the country. 

Residents of the Harijan Basti attending programs at St Thomas' Platinum jubilee celebrations

A small harijan basti exists in the bylanes of Gole Market, next to the St Thomas’ senior school building. A school gate opens to the basti as well. Gandhiji frequently visited the basti, and used to stroll in the school compound. The old red brick stage, in the school used to be his meditation ground. He used to love the school, where girls were educated. This dates back to 1930s/ 1940s. 

I do not have a further information about this. But our school chairperson, Mrs Manoharan, who was the principal in my times, may shed some light as well. She is a school alumni too.  I will try to update this post, if I get to meet her, in my next India visit, soon. 

In the picture: the school stage

This post is dedicated to the A-to-Z blogging challenge - the largest Blog Challenge in the history of Blogkind. My selected theme is "memories of St. Thomas' "- my Alma mater. This is the seventh post of the challenge, and is linked to the letter G - G for Gandhi, father of the nation. 
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