Thursday, April 16, 2015

The importance of saying "no"

When Rosa Parks refused to give her seat to the white passengers, not even in her faint dream did she know that a simple "NO" would trigger a revolution. Her act of defiance, and the following Montgomery Bus Boycott are considered to be major milestones in the civil rights movement. 

A thoughtless "yes" is less powerful than a self convinced "no". A single no is heard more than a thousand yes said in unison. Yes, may be a result of group think or fear of loss.

Say no, 
When they pull you down, and you don't want to.
When they push you away, and you want to be a part.
When they stratify on your caste, mark you untouchable.
When they talk about your race, color you as they wish.
When they differentiate on gender, breed bias.
When they rag your appearance, heartless.
Say no! 

Head to my fellow blogger, Shantala's posts at her blog Shanaya's Tales  Her theme for this year's AtoZ is "Positive & Inspired Living A to Z.  

This post is written as the fourteenth in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak
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