Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My dream home - You are the love of my life! #atozchallenge

"Love" for me, has a wide array of aspects - love which I feel, smile in the loving thoughts, laughing in each others arms, watching the rain together, when my little one kisses me, when I run on the sea shores  and sing aloud with my friends, when I love myself for the way I am, love for which my little one calls his teacher "mum" (so he has two mums, let innocence prevail).  

But amidst all this, I have a secret love, which will no more be a secret after this post. So to the love of my life, my dear home of my dreams, you are the best my dream could be, so here's to your existence, somewhere in the world. 

Wait for me, for I will be with you soon!

White rain-washed walls, glistening under the lovely bright rays
Surrounded by beds of pink and yellow roses,
The clear glass mounted on blue wooden window frames, 
The white shirt, and your loving gaze!

It is a small wrought iron gate, freshly painted black
Lantern shaped posts line the cobblestone path,
Green chillies and coriander planted in the backyard,
Creepers in the crevices and crack.

Flame of the forests shades the wooden swings 
Set up by dad, exactly the same as my loving grandpa did,
The boundary wall overlooks the busy street,
The bakery has a visitor, every time the bell rings.

As you enter my house of love
Notice the color theme, in hues of blue and red
The flowers and candles adorn each nook and corner
That's the aroma of home baked bread, fresh and fluff!

Poster photos of all loving memories, from childhood till this day
Warmth of love and companionship welcomes you in my home
Light breeze, the country music, gives joy galore
My home is beautiful, in some antique, and some modern ways

My home has a corner for everyone,
Home theatre room for the movie buff man, a flat screen for the soccer loving boy
But my corner is my dream come true
I will show it to you when its done :D (Surprise!!)

My home will be complete with you and me
So, come over to have some chocolate cake
To admire the fulfilling sense of life, to sing the beautiful song
To be happy with me, and tirelessly dance in glee! 

This post is written as the twelfth in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak
My theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on