Friday, April 10, 2015

Diary of an "Imperfect" child

This post is written as the ninth in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak

My series theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on "Imperfection" 

I have just picked the quietest corner possible in the cacophony of my own apartment. I am totally deflated after the cousins mocked at me for being the black sheep of the family. As dad and mum elaborate on my low grades, weak physique and extremely low social skills, the guests are making fun of me.

Mother is busy in her crock-pot, dad is in deep conversations with a guy, I do not know his name. There, my cousins are creating a mess in my room. Doesn't look like mine anymore. No one is looking for me. Not even mum? Is she ashamed of me?

Dad told me the other day how embarrassed he was to introduce me to his friends at the sports club. He says I can’t even be a ball boy. I am short, but I can run very fast. No one has ever noticed it though. Dad didn't get the ball signed by Roger, my favorite. He told me I didn't deserve it. I heard him say that. I embarrassed him. Dad doesn't like my spectacles either.

The other day mom took me to a Math tutor. I couldn't believe what I saw kept on his table – a cane! Mom says that is the only way I will learn my algebra. If I do not get good grades, I will be tagged a looser. Thanks to her, I will be able to clear my tests. (Yesterday the cane was almost on my palm, but I managed to correct the equation in last minute.)

Oh, the aroma of the delicious blueberry chocolate cake. Mom followed the recipe I had bookmarked, from my own blog. I will never tell her my pen name – “imperfect baker”. I am so abashed of my own interests – baking and cooking. The meat in the crock-pot will overcook. Where is mom? She should switch it off immediately. But mom never lets me in the kitchen. I wish I could make the cocktails and mock-tails for the guests. The cocktail book in the library is incredible. I just hope no one looks under my bed, and find my hidden treasure. All my cookbooks and Ramsay, Nigella and Vikas Khanna books are in the same box. I will put them in different places, otherwise if I am caught, all will be gone in one go. I will do this later in the night, after completing the algebra chapter. 

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