Monday, April 13, 2015

Five wonderful ways to be "kind" to yourself

This post is written as the eleventh in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak

My series theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on
Being "Kind"  to yourself

Compassion engulfs facets. Sympathy and humanity for others is a part of it. No matter how simple it sounds, it takes a lot to understand and empathize with others. The basic ingredient is your own well-being, a happy mind, and a joyful heart.  Being kind to yourself makes you a kind person for others in distress and need.

Our body needs oxygen, water and food to exist. Our mind and soul seek peace and tranquility. All these are fuel for our well-being, and wholesome joy. And a happy self will spread goodwill and cheer amongst the fellow beings.

Being kind to your self encompasses several aspects. The ones I mention below are the ones I strive and try to follow

  • Worship your body

A physically fit and mentally healthy body is directly proportional to a happy human being. Good food, appropriate nutrition, physical activity and mental relaxation are essential to give your body what it deserves.  I practice yoga and love to walk. This helps me build my stamina, and I feel good about my body

  • Be kind to the environment

The environment in which you live crafts a blissful spirit. Starting from your residence, it should give a feeling of home. Working towards creating a content environment at home, gives delight to your heart. For me – three things are of utmost importance 

1. A clean, dust free, stain free house
2. A well-stocked kitchen. 
3. A quiet corner, with red rugs, a table with my books and diary, and other stationary

The above conditioned fulfilled, you will see me smiling all day long.

  • Guilt-free time for your self

Give yourself a break. No, not like a holiday, but a break everyday. This time will be devoted to sync in your heart and body. What your heart wants, your body does. So if you heart asks for music, you listen to music. If your heart wants to read, you read. If your heart wants to meditate, you meditate.  In my case, I write my diary and read. This is essential for my survival, to say the least. This time will be your time, the time when you free from all responsibilities and burdens.

  • Think before you speak

In India, in my Hindu religion, we adore our Goddess Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge. There is a saying in our religion, that Goddess Saraswati resides on our tongue, and we should be mindful of the words we speak. For the words should be full of respect and love, bearing no negative consequences in future. It is better to be quiet than be loud. This is hard to achieve, and I am working on this myself, struggling a bit. 

  • Pursuit a hobby

Everyone has some or the other hobby. Many of us do not recognize it. Pursuing a hobby gives us a productive feeling, without being tired. I have always loved writing. Just after marriage, I deciphered I just love cooking!! Well, 8 years hence, quite recently I discovered that I love gardening. I can make an endless list of things which I love doing, but pursuing one is important. So I pursue writing and cooking. Now I need to learn gardening as well. What is your hobby?

What would you like to add to this list? 
What more would you like to do, to be kind to yourself?