Friday, April 3, 2015

How Shall India Stop Cruelty to Animals - yes there is hope!

This post is written as the third in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak

My series theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on "Cruelty to animals"

India is a multifarious land, a nation of extremely rich of incredibly poor, coexistence of extreme joy and ultimate sorrow.  

The other day, one of my colleague asked why do we have cows strolling on roads. Is it because they are considered holy? But they there are so many dogs on the streets, are they considered holy as well? What do they eat? Where do they sleep when it is very cold, or for that matter, very hot? Frankly speaking, I had no answer. Yes, cows are considered holy, “Gaumata” as we say, but that is not why they are found everywhere on the streets. It is because they have no shelter. No one gives them food, they hunt for it, end up eating non edible stuff, and in turn end up sick, and die. It is the same for dogs. They are mistreated, hit with stones, kicked away on the streets. 

Before going any further, lets watch this short documentary, “Man of God”. It is an “Incendiary Production”, shot and edited by Raj Sampad and distributed by Viral Videos India.

Love and compassion is carried in our heart, as pure as gold, rather than in the expensive branded wallets. We Indians have both in abundance - overflowing emotions and quite a number of overflowing Boss wallets. 

When I talk about pets, the Chauhan’s have the most prominent recall. I would like to feature Karuna Chauhan, a close kin, and a fellow blogger, penning her creativity at Crafting Queen. Her husband Sid, Cherry and Moose Chauhan complete her family. 

It will be injustice to just call them a dog lover. It is more of a dedication to a cause. An entrepreneur herself, merely finding time to devote to a pet, is difficult, let alone the nurturing they provide to Moose and Cherry. You can read more about Moose and Cherry at Name Place Animal thing. This fascinating and engrossing blog is maintained by daddy Sid.  

In mommy Karuna’s very modest words, 
“..if you don't love animals, you wont have them either. We need to be empathetic towards animals. these days, this emotion is missing in humans…” 

Cherry was adopted by Karuna and Sid, from a foster home. Her journey is depicted in the picture below.   

I would like to share a short real life story with my readers, quoting Josh Billings, 

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” 

My grandpa (I introduced him to you in my previous post) had a best friend in Rocky, the white Pomeranian. He breathed his last saving nanaji from a live direct current in the water cooler. The earth pin was defective. While nonage was cleaning his kennel, he just tied his leash with the water cooler stand. Someone switched on the cooler, and he started whimpering. When nanaji tried to soothe him and pull open the leash, he jumped to bite him. None of us understood what was wrong. In a matter of few seconds, he lost consciousness. At this point, nanaji jumped to his rescue, only to be hit by the current, his hand burned. It was then that he realized why Rocky did not allow him to be touched. When we reached the vet, Rocky was no more. I will regret that day forever. 

As I end my post, here is a heart warming video, to make you smile. 

Urging all readers to think about volunteering to the cause. you may like to visit PETA's website to know more. 

Head to my fellow A-to-Zder, Shubhangi Srikanth's post for the day. She pens her thoughts at The Little Princess. Her theme for this year's challenge is "LOVE". 

Picture courtesy 
Moose's FB page - You can connect with him here :

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