Saturday, April 18, 2015

Perpetual Pain of a Poet

Penchant for beauty
Praises of Lord
Pouring rains, 
Playing a chord

Poem is born
Plot reads
Pretty girls around
Poppies and paddy fields

Plough the field
Plant the seeds
Pure at heart, they 
Pray for greens

Panic strikes
Prayers didn't work
Power bomb blast
Parched they lurk 

Painful cries
Perverts reign
Pathetic life
People face disdain

Poem dies, poetry unrhythmic 
Prey to the merciless and vicious 
Pain or passion
Pyre or dias

This post is written as the sixteenth in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak
My theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on