Monday, April 6, 2015

Egalitarian you, Egalitarian me, Egalitarian WE

This post is written as the fifth in the series of A-to-Z challenge and a part of #1000speak

My series theme is "Compassion" and today's thought is based on "Egalitarianism"

If only it could be true, the world would be a better place. 


It is still required to be discussed and debated. To be decided whether human beings have equal rights or not.  

When we talk about equality, we talk about fundamental rights. We talk about the status of each being on this earth. The world is divided over gender, color, caste, religion, age, origin, income, language, orientations and disabilities. We have different policies, legislations and systems catering to each segment of the society. Segregation of human beings on the basis of the above mentioned factors defies humanity.  

Several philosophers and social anthropologists can be quoted here, and discussed about. We can discuss Marx, Freidmen, Martin Luther King, and many such men and women. But I would like you to look into your heart, read your mind, unbiased, unadulterated, and listen to what it says. I have tried this unsuccessfully. Every time I think about it, I come out perplexed. It is not easy to identify with your thoughts in a socially unjust world. To make it a bit easier for me, I tried talking to my son who is a primary schooler. Gender bias doesn't exist for him. He doesn't identify people from their skin color. He doesn't understand religion, neither the economic stature. For him, we all are human beings, it is that simple. 

Why do women have to fight for their own rights? Why does apartheid exist? Why LGBT people yet to be accepted and bestowed with human rights? Why are disabled mocked upon? 

Questions, many more, remain unanswered. 

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