Friday, August 27, 2010

Memories of color

I am missing Delhi, the colors, the sweets, the holika, the evenings we used to have at home, in new clothes, have to be white, and finally become colorful by the dry colors we UP n Bihar people play, the titles we used to give to our family members, the malpuas, the gujias, the matar paneer mom used to make, the guests, the songs, the dances, the pan session....

I remember and miss the way we used to play holi with silver paint and dirt and filth..and drive to far off places at friends home and pull them out of their homes to play holi...(read Remya)
I do remember Mudits first holi at my home, he was bewildered......the way he was completely colored in the morning, and after a longggggg session of cleaning in the afternoon and getting ready in a new lucknowi set for the evening, the way we played holi with dry but pukka colors in the evening made his brand new set along with him completely colored..

Coming to Nielsen, I still remember, the first holi I had seen was just maybe a week after my joining, I didnt play, I remember, but from the next time I started playing. I miss the way I used to pull my colleagues all out of their cubicles and CMG boss from the cabin...I remember the way we used to color not only ourselves but the whole cafeteria, the walls and floors and Ashima had a hard time to get it clean...but I remember she used to be the one playing the maximum..I remember how Saikat da, Sumit da, Gunjan Sir, Sankalp Sir...Sumit Maji da, Rajib da, CRS team, Retail team, Shubho da, Dipesh, Mukund, CVS Sir, Ashish, Pramod, and all others used to get colored and never bothered to rub it of, after all it was Holi @ Nielsen!!! Nielsen @ no other country celebrates any festival this way!!!!...I remember how we used to gorge on sweets and kachoris from Bikanerwala/ Haldirams and dip in the common bowl of chutney...I remember a handful of girls and guyz (one of them being me) turning the office into a college canteen and have maximum fun...(I miss Sampath too...)..I miss a few people who used to sing and Anju who used to dance too.
God, bless me with similar days...and of course Vihaan, who doesn't know the meaning of Holi, the festival which is so close to his parents heart...the festival of colors, the festival of India!!!

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  1. well, i spent one holi only @nielsen but it was such fun!!..i still remember it fondly!!


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