Thursday, August 26, 2010

The flowing Yamuna

When it comes to rivers, India is blessed. Most of us who have spent quiet a few years of our lives in India, must have seen one or the other river, rapidly flowing downstream. The sight can onle be seen, not explained in words.
But for many Delhites, this may be a dream. Either they holiday to c a river, or thay see it on the internet. But do not underestimate please!! Today for Delhi’s day. To see the Yamuna.. flowing!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it was a overcast sky. And a lot of hydrillas on the river, stagnant evrsince, have started flowing with the water stream. The river, quiet as it is, was flowing, with full vigor. And a horde of onlookers stopped thier vehicles to have a glimse of the beautiful river. These were the men who pass the river daily, morning as well as evening, but have never been moved enough to even cast a glance at the dying river. The revier nearing the status of a drain showed its true beauty today.
How marvelous it would be if we have the Yamuna flowing everyday…