Thursday, August 26, 2010

The sea, within me, and he…

Its blue, its clear, the sky above me
Its soft, its dry, the sand under my feet,
I am walking for long, but cant really see
Conch shells, crabs, boats do greet..
They told me you’re rough and loud
Like my man whose come close to me,
With something away from the crowd
Ambitious, shy, fervent is he..
I walk past the naked kid
And barely clad rugged fisher man,
Fishing, eating nothing more they did
I moved towards the tot, there he ran…
My eyes followed the running boy
And as I lifted sense to see,
My heart full with ecstasy and joy
There was no one amid you and me..
You’re vast, expansive jagged but calm
Endlessly wide, earth deep,
I bend to take you on my palm
And you towered, you were not asleep..
I stood beside you, on the wet sand
My feet slowly sinking in,
Quixotic me how to leave you your land
Wish to punish me for some sin..
There I m standing alone with you
With arms spread as a bird flies,
I feel the breeze and droplets few
Searching him my mind plies..

Across the land, far from me
With dreams in heart, miles apart are we,
Laughter and love I foresee
The sea within me, and there stands he..

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