Thursday, August 26, 2010

happy anniversary to soma and shameek..

Celebrations galore for togetherness,
Full of fun and happiness,
Sharing lives, living dreams,
Shameek is happy, Soma gleams…
And then they decide to throw a bash,
“Donate” time for jamboree, spend some cash,
And there went the invite mailer
All guests were ready for a …ummm…thriller???
And then came yesterday, the day of jollity…
To set aside sham and delight in reality
To begin with the hookah and much more..
With joie de vivre we got in the door…
Sounds, lights, camera and action
Glad to see the merrily high faction
The thumkas and jhatkas were dama dam mast
The couples had fun with each “thrust”..;-)
The kids enjoyed every bit
The food was scrumptious, prepared with grit…
With Masakali matakali with Beedi Jalaele…
Soma and Shammek ek dusre ke ho gaele…