Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Because you are not around...

Sun gleams, raindrops form a stream,
Sure the Vibgyor should be seen;
Colors are obscure, the bow not found
Because my sunshine, you are not around!!

Winds rustles green of the pine,
Clouds hover, the weather is just fine;
But I don't feel the breeze ruffle my hair,
Because my darling, you are not there!!

The Koel sings a lovely song,
All around me are humming along;
Music creates a magical glee
But I am quiet because you're not with me!!

Come tomorrow I will dance in the rain,
Will feel the droplets in my mane;
The sun will shine so very bright
To let the Vibgyor show alright!!
The world will sing again with me,
Because my love, you will be with me!!


  1. Really nice Arpita, loved it! The pine of a romantic soul is captured here beautifully :)

  2. :-) loveee it arpita... very nice.. glad that somebody has taken it seriously...

  3. thx guys, i wish i had not made the wrong career choice...


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