Wednesday, February 16, 2011

From Arrays to Binary Trees!!

As I write down this peculiar thought which were clouding my mind in the train this morning, I wonder where are these words going. In the array, queue, linked lists or binary trees. Where are the analog signals heading to and where are the digital signals formed. How does this sleek box (read laptop) shares my brain and processes half of what I think.

Well, recalling what all I studied in my graduation, I do not know whether I have ever applied it anywhere in my work. Morover apart from BCG matrix, I have not applied any of my management lessons in my work too. Then why did we study so much?

Ahh, I know the answer. To make a disarray of friends. That is what the first 20 odd years are meant for, to make friends. To have the real fun of life. To enjoy. And await the worse to come. The Tsunami hits with a thud as I received my joining letter from my first job. And then there was no looking back. Everyday facing the torrents, the storm. Hitting my face and ripping me apart. I keep pulling myself back, and somehow keep going everyday. And then has come the binary tree. And here I spread the disarray, queue and linked lists to the genext and here I complete the binary tree.

But is this all what life is meant for? Struggle and achieve? But on what cost? On the cost of your happiness? On the cost of your satisfaction? On the cost of love? It is like the chicken and egg story. It depend on my choice, I choose the chicken or I choose the egg. If you have the extra potential you may choose an omelette or a chicken biryani too!!

So this is what I write on the valentine’s day today. I have to stop being a array with no connections. Instead I should be a binary tree, with branches touching the ground, laden with fruits which my kin will cherish, with shade which my fellows will love. I should spread and not dissipate. I should smile and not grieve.