Thursday, March 6, 2014

Knocking on heaven's door

No, its not your birthday.  Its not 16th June, neither its 8th November. No its no special day. I am just angry. You still haven't accepted my friend request on FB. How rude. Sampath Atmakury, I will never forgive you, sachhi. 

Do you even remember, stud? I was the one who completed your 1000 scraps on Orkut. You made me write 58 scraps to attain that feat!! huh!! Sab bhool gaya na? Now will you come back, and do the needful on FB? I promise I will spam your timeline totally, till you tell me to FO. 

Well, to tell you the truth - I stalk your FB account, and feel so miserable because I can't message you, or write on your wall - privacy, huh? I feel so jealous of your friends on the friend list, who can message you, and talk to you. Now will you kindly oblige? 

I saved this one, sorry, what a stalker I am. Thank god, some of your pictures are open for public viewing. 
Who suggested you to "knock on heaven's door"? God is super Sampath, he hears our prayers way too quick. Don't do it again. 

Come back soon, ab bahut hua na. You didn't go for such a long trip, did you? I miss you Samzie. 

Left me in tears? You couldn't see me cry!! 

Jai Sai baba!!