Saturday, March 22, 2014

Alma mater so dear and old!! - A-to-Z challenge (belated) theme reveal

My roots are in Bihar. The district of Buxar, to be precise. Buxar and Buxarites, as we love to call ourselves, are know for three things - battle of Buxar in 1764, sohan papdi, and late lateefi (not punctual). So I prove it here.
I am late for the A-to-Z theme reveal. I had decided it way back. But I belong to the "express through actions" school of thought. And I failed in this exam. 
Better late than never. So here I am with my theme. A theme very close to my heart. 

Memories of St. Thomas' 

St. Thomas School, my alma mater, where I spent 14 golden years of my life. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have never blogged about my school. And 26 posts are not enough. But the theme is enough for me to successfully complete the challenge. 
A lot of you will so totally relate to my anecdotes about school. I hope you will come back to read them everyday. Sometimes it may be hilarious, sometimes intriguing, sometimes sad. But I promise, there will be no fiction, all truth, for the love for the red bricks.. 

Yonder are the bricks of red
Guarding our dreams and hopes
Alma mater so dear and old
Whose motto we do uphold!! 

Along with the A-to-Z challenge, which will keep my, as a working mom's handful, I have plans to give UBC a go. I definitely need a lot of luck!!

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