Friday, March 15, 2013

Cooking, as it turns fashion...

The past 6 months have seen me trying different recipes. I must admit that 6 months sounds a long time, and I have not really tried as much as I could. But my love of cooking seems growing.

Like many other girls of my generation, when I got married I knew no cooking, simple no cooking. Studies and job had kept me miles away from the kitchen. And then the pampering mom to help!!

I started cooking for family when I shifted to Sweden. It was tough in the beginning. Tiring and boring. I used to get tired cutting vegetables and making masalas. 

But as the "cooking fashion" picked up, my interest geared up as well. Cooking fashion includes recipe  blogs, recipe channels, recipe videos, face   book groups - sharing, appreciating, cooking, sharing pictures, then cooking more.. and so on... 

Whatever be it about "cooking fashion", its a strongly recommended "stress buster"... FOR SURE!! 

 Sooji Halwa


 Garlic bread

 Baked Mathri


May many more come.. AMEN!!! 

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