Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whorling in the Storm

My heart is heavy, my mind is weak
Both carry the strong ocean storm,
The floods rush and whorl in
The shells and pearls all are gone.

The nest, the perch, the sweet singing
All I remember fresh and green,
The eyes, the voice, shining, tinkling
All have lost the golden sheen.

Mt heart drios down, my eyes drop low
When i remember all gresh and green,
The sweet memorable memories flow
Bitter and devastating all have been.

My Lord made me, created me why
Regardless I have always been,
Am I proud, do I always lie
Maybe, but the inner white none has seen.

I see myself with the inward eye
Yet never have understood the heart,
For all the gifts I always cry
Although all have been my part.

Happiness whence thou wilt come to my door
I pray to God every day,
Let me out of the storm, on shore
Make me worthy and lovable each day. 

Penned on 17th August 1996.