Monday, January 31, 2011


If you open my study table in Mayur Vihar (my momz place), you will find stacks of diaries. I started writing them when I was in standard 8th. Since then till a couple of years ago, i used to write regularly. All my thoughts, my dreams, my experiences, good and bad memories, my sad moments, my tears, my joy... This time when I went to India, I started going through a few of them. What a rush of memories came flowing down my mind. School, college, early years of work. Everything...
I found a few good poems, which I will put in the blog as soon as I get time. 

Today, I promise, I will start writing again. I cannot be bigB and start a blog of my daily thoughts and happening, which thousands of people will read everyday. Morover what a pen can write, a keyboard can never!!