Tuesday, May 14, 2013

As the ranking falls.. :(

Hello blog.. My sincere apologies for being away from you for so long. The ranking has tumbled down like Jill. 

Trust me I have longed for you. But the circle of 24 hours, oh how much i hate that piece hanging on my wall - the clock. How I wish (like most of us) that it had a few more hours. Some more time slots in my daily schedule. Then one would be dedicated to you my dear bloggie.. 

Once again, I promise I will try to talk to you on a frequent basis. Atleast more frequently than I have done in past months. For this to happen, I must leverage the next 4 months of vacation days I have. Yes, you heard it  correct - 4 months - One of the many privileges of living in Sweden. 

For every child living in Sweden, who is less than 8 years of age, the parents are entitled to 480 days of parental leaves. Even though Vihaan was born in India, I am entitled to the same. And so, I am utilizing those few days to stay with him, visit my home country, and more importantly, focus on my health. 

So my next few posts will have the same focus. This will definitely give me a kick. Apart from loosing weight (which is a definite), I will work towards a healthy mind, body and soul. I have some plans, and that will be coming in the next post.

Till then, I am rejoicing in  the glory of the 4 months of bliss.. basking around.. 

Till later!!