Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Anna - hazaron effect

To begin with, Thank you Anna!!

We needed you to enlighten our minds, and our souls. 

When the media started flashing news about Lokpal bill versus Janlokpal bill, the first thought which came across our mind was, now what is this?? Thanks to google, some information could be gathered and some enlightenment attained. (

Next came the name, Anna Hazare!! Thankfully, I was aware who Anna is, thanks to my uncle, Dr B Mishra, who had worked with Anna on the Watershed Development programme. But for many, google came to the rescue  (

And then started the many point program of dharna's, arrests, peaceful protests, anshan etc etc.. And finally we see some outcome. 

But unlike all others who are celebrating "Diwali", I am not, because the bill hasn't been passed as yet. And Anna sitting on another anshan cannot be ruled out yet. 

The whole movement, "THE ANNA HAZARON MOVEMENT" startles me. When did India mature so much? It is simply WOW the way India (never forgetting the NRIs) acted and reacted. Gandhi's non violence prevailed and the countrymen responded to the appeals of silent protests. This seems a very positive and progressive path which India is treading. There are my friends who say that India unites only on emotional level. I say, what's the harm? If a 74 year old Gandhian calls out for support for a cause which will help "us",I am happy to be tagged an emotional fool. This is a historic era, the Indian renaissance, the movement where we wake up and free ourselves from the bonds of our thoughts and ideas, our own principles, our own system, our own parliament and our judiciary. May this enlightenment for thousands of Anna's hazaron... live long!!