Thursday, September 22, 2011

When you're not around!!

Sun gleams, raindrops form a stream,
Sure the Vibgyor should be seen;
Colors are obscure, the bow not found
Because my sunshine, you are not around!!

Winds rustles green of the pine,
Clouds hover, the weather is just fine;
But I don't feel the breeze ruffle my hair,
Because my darling, you are not there!!

The Koel sings a lovely song,
All around me are humming along;
Music creates a magical glee
But I am quiet because you're not with me!!

Come tomorrow I will dance in the rain,
Will feel the droplets in my mane;
The sun will shine so very bright
To let the Vibgyor show alright!!....

The world will sing again with me,
Because my love, you will be with me!!